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Leslie Bubik Handyman
Address: Toronto  , , Postal code: 

Think of it as a 

"Telephone Tag" eliminator


Part of  Total Mizers Ltd. out of Toronto and 


 As  a Handyman in Toronto, I could find anything that was good and cheap.  So I created one and  it only costs  45.00/year.  The advantages of this are

there is:

  • nothing to download
  • no software or CD's to loose or get scratched so you can't use them 
  • no upgrades  to pay for  because the system is constantly being developed 
  • no  need  to develop your own system because this one is so cheap
  • no hosting fees or any hidden charges
  • Can be used for Business or your Personal life
  • Buy three years, get one free
  • You  save lots of time because it works right away
  • You set it up, but  it is very easy to do. I tested it.
  • Your customers will love you for it , because it will be easier for them to use
  • It will increase your productivity and your bottom line
  • We can even do simple customization projects for a very modest fee
  • We don't tell you how good it is.  We let the product speak for itself.
  • We can add your logo to the top of it for no additional charge

·   Your customers will just think it is part of your web

  • We take  $10.00 (CAD) off a year if we can put an advertising link on it.
  • We might be able to have the information go straight into your software
  • All information is encrypted by the same system as banks use
  • All your appointments come in on the form of emails.
  • Appointment reminders can go to more than one person
  • There is an optional SMS package  which is particularly good for trades people who might be on a ladder when they get the message
  • or an Additional VoIP Package  that allows  your customers to call you directly  through the booking system.  
  • And you can have your booking system call customers too.


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